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Newsletter Autumn 2020

Joe Murphy | DCM Operations Manager

This is certainly a unique season for us all; one of confusion, radically altering daily life, for many a season of loneliness and others unanticipated hardship. I cannot think of a

better way to communicate how the Mission has responded in helping


We are especially thankful to our frontline staff and volunteers. We could not have achieved our response without you! Yet we are continually reminded that this season is far from over. It is our desire and prayers that we represent God and the work He has called us to do, in the uniqueness of the season. So, how has the Mission impacted your life during the COVIDcrisis?...


In addition to the daily meal service and personal items distributed to our homeless friends, five days per week one-on-one support services are provided through a protected area for housing, treatment, personal care and counselling. A few recent coments;

  • Now have my own accommodations andthis has hugely impacted mine and my families lives.

  • To all, thanks for the kind services, help, food, words of hope, keeping ye daily in prayer.

  • The best place for help…100% service... It’s been a lifesaver.

  • Been here always for me they gave me food, clothes and helped me with my family and children.

  • I come here all the time and they are very good, giving me access to warm food, clothing and support with housing.

  • Thank you so much for all of your help, I felt like I was drowning at the point you walked over and approached me, I was at my lowest and I'll never forget that moment, now I have support and that's all I've been crying out for and thanks from my family.

Aubrey McCarthy | CHAIRMAN

Throughout the Covid crisis, we have been blessed with many new volunteers in The Light House including Brian Synnott. For over 20-years, Brian has pastored and planted churches, while practicing as a Christian counsellor. Up to the Covid lockdown,

he spent his time ministering as a Christ Centred counsellor with various Teen Challenge UK rehabilitation centres. He has also taught in their leadership academy as well as assisting Tiglin in Wicklow. With Covid curtailing travel, Brian decided to volunteer one day a week at The Light House. However, we soon realised this opportunity to put his skills to use throughout the Mission. Brian has joined us on short-term basis to assist us with Training, Supervision, Pastoral Care & Counselling for our staff, volunteers and service users. We are very pleased to have his unique qualications to enhance our efectiveness in reaching people for Christ in a very practical and skillful manner.

We also are delighted to announce a new DCM board member. Rachel Harper is the principal of St. Patrick’s School in Greystones, Co. Wicklow. She is from the “Kilkenny Harper” clan who are well known for their involvement in various Christian works including DCM. Rachel brings a fresh outlook to the board and has a keen interest in Christian youth work and homeless outreach. Her recent involvement includes participating in the Sunday homeless dinner. She has been involved in homeless outreach for over ten years. We look forward to Rachel bringing her strengths to the DCM board.



Encountering the Sorrow and Joy

Brian Synnott | COUNSELLOR

We didn't know how long “Mr Pirate” was on the streets, wearing a long coat and pirate hat. Each day, Mr. P. arrived in all weathers to receive his hot meal prepared in The Light House. Burdened, we learned he has been living on the streets with no benets for the past 10 years, now 28 years old. The more we heard, it seemed impossible to help his circumstances, the more fervent we became in prayer. To my surprise, as others worked in the background, I was asked to accompany a team member to bring Mr. P. to his

new accommodation! I shall never forget the ensuing conversation. It was both heart-breaking and exhilarating. As we walked, Mr. P. nervously began asking questions,

revealing the past he lived and gratitude for our most basic needs. How many people will there be in my room? You’ll have your own room. Will there be a lock on the door? Yes. Will I be allowed to use the bathroom at night? You'll have your own bathroom, whenever you like. With each answer, Mr. P., became as excited as a child on Christmas morning! Mr. P.’s accommodation is modern, clean and top quality. As he entered his new home, I turned with a shout of praise, condent his help came from the Lord and answered prayer. We still see Mr. P. every day as he collects his meal and engages with us. He looks 10 years younger. His clothes are clean with a look of joy on his

face. Please keep Mr. P. in your prayers, He still needs a prepared room in a mansion beyond the sky.

Carlos Lewis | Taste & See Cafe Manager

This year has been very challenging for many cafes. Some forced to close, including us for three months, missing our daily patrons. In mid-June, after much planning, we were delighted to reopen for take-away service. In this new season, we have learned that even though we are physically distant from our dearest customers, we are still socially connected. Taste & See engages with compasion those who come along for a cup of coee within our community. We are grateful for the help and support of our volunteers to make our cafe continue operating during these unique times. So, we remain committed that we are physically distant but socially connected at The Taste & See Café!


Anthony & Leanne Fermoyle | Youth Club

This summer has been an extremely unique one within DCM. Usually our summers are jam packed with all sorts of exciting things - summer camp, community outreaches, day trips and 3 day clubs. This year we have had to readjust and create some new ways to stay connected. We thought we would share

a mini interview with two of our girls, Mia and Chelsea to nd out how they feel about the recent changes! Like the girls, we have missed being able to do all our usual activities, but we are thankful for what God is continuing to do, especially in the conversations we are having within smaller group settings and various outdoors activities.

How did you feel when club was cancelled at the beginning of COVID?

-Sad because I didn't get to see my friends or you, (Leanne and Anto).

-I missed going camping and the BBQS with the face painting.

How has club been different since we started back?

-We have to have it outside in the ats!

-There's less people because we have to have small groups - I miss everyone!

Is there anything you've liked that we've done outside?

-The tie dye was my favourite!

Is there anything you can remember from any of our Bible Times?

-That at Easter Jesus died but didn't stay dead!

-That He loves me!

Like the girls, we have missed being able to do all our usual activities, but we are thankful for what God is continuing to do, especially in the conversations we are having within smaller group settings and various outdoors activities.

We close with our special heartfelt thanks to all those that have so generously given of their time, provisions and finance during this unique season. Since March, we have incurred an unanticipated increase in our monthly operation expenses of €9,000 due to the increased services provided to the homeless community in Dublin. We could not have done this without your support. And yet we are reminded that this season is far

from over…your continued support is needed, appreciated and impacting... to us and the many that come to our doors each day!

What do workers gain from their toil? I have seen the burden God has laid on the human race. He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. That each of them may eat and drink, and nd satisfaction in all their toil—this is the gift of God. May God bless you and keep you safe and well.

With our love and gratitude,

DCM & The Light House team.


Collen Group Charity Cycle

Nandos Chicken

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