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Newsletter Spring 2020

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Joe Murphy | DCM Operations Manager

Beginning in 1828, the Mission has endured and served during many difficult times, impacting lives through the Great Famine, caring for thousands during its many years as a medical mission and now during the Covid-19 health crisis.

During all these generations, the “mission” has remained the same; to come along side individuals, families and communities in Dublin with compassion and providing assistance as a demonstration of God’s love, sharing a message of Faith and Hope in Jesus.

The Coronavirus in this day has been no different…

The Light House

After surveying other homeless services and in particular those remaining open, we concluded that a late afternoon hot meal parcel was an essential and critial need for the homeless community. We began by transitioning from a café to takeaway service, setting up guidelines, safety procedures and ordering a variety of supplies. Our first week, we were handing out approximately 100 meal packs each day which quickly increased and now we are distributing over 300 every day.

Now in our 12th week, we have handed out over 25,000 meal parcels consisting of a hot meal, fruit, pastry, crisps, chocolate bar and a drink. We are also distributing countless toiletry bags and essential clothing items.

We have been operating using a roster of a small group of volunteers to limit exposure, following health safety procedures, utilising donated PPE and distributing through a protected screen. By God’s grace, everyone has remained healty.

We praise God for the amazing support of finance and supplies from individuals, churches, foundations and corporations. A HUGE THANK YOU! You are the fuel behind the scene that keeps us going!

We are grateful and dependent on all those that have been faithfully praying for us and God’s protection, provision and direction.

We give a special thanks to our committed group of volunteers that prepare and distribute our meal packs each day, representing the frontline of our mission.

As the needs increase and the shutdown lengthens, we have also begun distributing meals, toiletries and clothing to homeless hostels, isolation units and other related services.

It is through the countless faces that we encounter each day, the smiles, thanks and even tears that keep us encouraged and pressing on…

Our days are filled with heart touching experiences:

“I don’t know what I would do if you were not here”

  • Someone with tears in their eyes as we handed them a cup of water.

  • An 8-year-old girl given us her €15 pocket money for the homeless.

  • A knock on the door with a donation that was just running out!

  • Your overwhelming response to videos sharing our services.

And so we press on, anticipating that this essential service may need to continue through the summer months, with God’s direction and through your prayers and support. We are grateful for your partnership with us.

Together, many lives are being impacted during “our day”. The countless thanks we hear each day from our homeless friends are to you

Reaching People & Changing Lifes

Cristian Cojocaru

I entered The Light House this past January, homeless, having heard about the services on the streets. Immediately, I felt a sense of belonging. As I built trust and relationships with the volunteers, changes started to happen in my life. First, Ger was able to secure a 6-month room in a hostel, providing HOUSING. After a period of time, I started volunteering followed by an employment scheme, providing PURPOSE. As my relationships with volunteers deepened, I was invited and starting attending a church with them, providing FAITH. Still having many steps to climb, when I look back at these past six months, I can see how much God has used The Light House to move mountains in my life, providing much HOPE!

Like those before us, these are challenging and unique days in which we engage in mission life. We are confident God is using these days and planting seeds for the future. It is a time of learning, prioritising and gaining new perspectives for all of us. Through the uncertainty and hardship of the day, it is our prayer that many will see their need for Jesus and that we will deepen in our relationship and dependency in God. He has done this many times before and it is our “mission” that God will use us once again!

May God bless you and keep you safe and well. We are praying with you.

Joe Murphy and DCM & The Light House Team.

Chancery Place

Over a Chancery Place, we are providing food hampers to our seniors and families in various communities, distributing at doors over 500 parcels. Anto and Leanne have also been connecting with the youth from our clubs through various activities. We are in regular contact, available and ready to help through various “acts of kindness”.

While indoor ministries have ceased, we have taken advantage of this unique time to complete some long overdue renovations at Chancery Place restoring much of the original features of our historic building. Our desire and plans are to create a welcoming vibrant community centre for all ages.

Special thanks to our Partner Responders


All Nations Church

Ardara Christian Fellowship

Aughrim Street Parish

Bray Christian Assembly

Bubbleside Ltd

CBL Services

Christ City Church

Christian Missions in Many Lands

Community Fund of Ireland

Donors to Jackie Leonards

Every Nation Church


Google and RCSF

Greystone Community Group

Halston Street Parish

Haynestown Meats

Hillside Church

Irish Society of Bermuda

Inner City Helping the HomelessJ

Jamestown Road Baptist Church



Liberty Church

MAC Interiors



Neighbourly Community Fund

Queally’s Meats

Rooster Motorcycle Club

Shankill Bible Church

Skerries Cornerstone Church

South Hill Evangelical Church

St. Mark’s Church

St. Patrick’s Church (Greystones)

Tayto Crisps

Trostan Financial Services

Whiteriver Ltd

And countless others that have supported this cause and message, well done!

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